Newcastle Law Academy (NLA) was established in 2000 with an aim of providing highest quality education/tuition support to the students and by now the Academy has conclusively established its supremacy and reputation in the field of legal education in Bangladesh.

The Academy's vision is to be highly regarded for excellence in teaching and to be a leader in distance and external international legal education. For students who are unable to attend a full-time course abroad for logistical, financial or any other reason, NLA provides them an opportunity to complete the course while residing in Bangladesh.

Our faculties over course of time supported students with almost over 85% pass rate and has become the most successful and popular faculties and law institution in Bangladesh. The foundation of our success has been among others, the integrated efforts of our unique faculty members who all are best professionals in their respective professions.

We have fully devoted and dedicated themselves in offering the best possible tuition support and guidance to the students throughout their academic sessions. Newcastle Law Academy considers students’ needs as top priority and ensures that students feel and consider the Academy as their mentor and guide, not  a commercial enterprise.