All degrees are awarded by the respective UK Universities

All examinations are conducted by British Council

Combined Study in Bangladesh & UK as Cross Border Higher Education

Tuition Support

We have developed a comprehensive range of services designed to support students of all ages to ensure that every one is effective in their learning. Teaching is primarily conducted through class lectures followed by seminars. In addition to regular lectures, teachers are required to spend a fixed amount of time at the Academy where students can have discussions with the tutors regarding various problems associated with their programmes.

Practice Assessments are being regularly held once a topic is finished and before the final examinations, several Pre-Mock and Mock Examinations take place in order to prepare the students for the final examinations.

Guest Lectures

Occasionally guest lectures, qualified in their field, will speak on the current topics to provide students with further insight contentious areas of law. We also appreciate that NLA students should have the basic knowledge of Bangladeshi legal system. Hence some of these lectures deals with the legal system of Bangladesh.

Class Room

Newcastle Law Academy boasts about its purpose-built class rooms and their state-of-the-art facilities. All our class rooms are equipped with effective PA system and temperature control mechanism. By using luminaries that combine direct light on the work surfaces with an indirect light aimed towards the ceiling, a varying and appropriate concentration of light is distributed throughout the room with a view to creating the perfect ambiance for the class-rooms. Besides, for promoting a better learning environment, the class rooms are facilitated with projectors.

Bar Application Support Service

Perhaps the Bar Application Support Service is the most significant service that our Student Support team offers to the students. In the Bar Application season, our support team provides the students with 24/7 intensive and dedicated support. The dedicated support team holds a series of workshops and seminars on the Bar Application. Then the members of our dedicated support team arrange one to one application checking sessions for all the students. Not only that, specially designed grooming sessions are arranged for the students who wish to appear at the interview sessions with the Bar Schools. Supports are also offered regarding the procedure of Inn Membership and BCAT test. Moreover, before our students go to UK to commence the Bar Course, our support service arranges Pre-BPTC sessions for providing the students with special training regarding how to excel in their Bar Course and how to manage their UK life-style efficiently.

Student Associations

Newcastle Law Academy appreciates that the students, the aspiring lawyers of tomorrow, must have initiation to public speaking from the very first stage of their legal learning. Therefore, our student support service is always engaged in promoting the public speaking skills of the students. The student support service often arranges workshops on debating, mooting and other forms of public speaking skills and thus, prepares the students for various inter-universities debating and mooting competitions.

Public Speaking Club

Debate and Mooting Society

Community Action Club

Cultural Club

Sports Club

Student Support Service

Members: Head of Laws, Course Coordinator, Director of Students Welfare & Research Facilitator, Director of International Affairs & Strategic Management, Student Counselor

A team of Barristers working round the clock to ensure that all academic and extracurricular needs of the students are given immediate attention

International Office

Newcastle Law Academy has a collaborative understanding with all the major law schools of the UK. We also have a dedicated international office for handling correspondences and visa-processing on behalf of the students who wish travel to UK for their Bar Course or LLM following their successful completion of LLB. Not only that, in case any of our students wants to transfer their credit and thus complete their LLB from the UK internally, our international office, with its one-stop service, can also handle that transition smoothly.


NLA has one of the most comprehensive and resourceful law libraries in Bangladesh. The Library is under the supervision of a qualified Librarian. It contains copies of almost all the major texts and casebooks by the leading writers about more than 2500 in volume. The Academy is in touch with the major bookshops in UK and Bangladesh and all the latest editions are always available in library.